Friday, January 11

I am Egyptain

**Egy page**

**Egypt page**

**Cleopatra page**


**Egyptain page**



  1. aquascrap said...
    I LOVE that egyptian page you have posted on Digi Scrap Depot on Jan do I get it? Thankyou
    ana3sola said...
    ok, write your Email & I will send it to you or send it to my Email
    MR-BOLICA said...
    hey 3asol .. really i can say you rock
    God with you and keep rock

    i will keep check your blog
    ana3sola said...
    Thnz mr-bolica for your nice words
    and ur welcome to visit my blog any time :)
    Fotomum said...
    Hi! the egyptian pages are gorgeous!!! Are they still available? and if so may I have them? Thank you soooo much.
    ana3sola said...
    hi fotomum
    the egyptian pages are still avalaible 4 u ;)
    i've hidden the download link coz i wanted to know wht people think about my new egyptian designs and to be in touch with different people who download my kits,
    and i found many Requests for my designs ,so i will put the download link under the kit.
    anyway, its nice to meet you fotomum, and hope we stay in touch :)
    Fotomum said...
    download went great, Thanks again!! Can't wait to see what you design next!!! Keep up the good work and and for sharing!!!
    Maria said...
    Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.
    Lori Crouch said...
    Thank you so very much for the Egyptians. They are lovely and will help make a wonderful layout.

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